DIY heart shaped gift boxes templates by 5g0u9g.comEasy Die Cut Heart Shaped Gift Boxes

Print and cut out these adorable heart shaped gift box templates, then glue tab along the edge and add a ribbon handle. You can craft any of these heart shaped box templates with a die cut machine like Silhouette or Cricut; simply add registration marks before printing, following your manufacturer's instructions.

How to Design and Print Your Own Gift Boxes

It's easy to make your own pretty gift boxes using printable templates and craft box printables。

Print your favorite gift box template on any inkjet or laser printer。 Cut out, score, fold and glue where indicated。

If you want to create your heart box from a different design paper, print and cut the box onto plain card stock and use the cutout as a template pattern with your card stock, then trace around the design onto your patterned card stock, cut out, fold and glue to make your custom design gift box.

You could also simply print the craft sheet onto the back side of your patterned card stock。

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