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Lee is a professional graphic designer, publishing executive, and marketing consultant with more than 35 years experience. Her career launched before the advent of digital graphics and the Internet; her skills evolved apace with the tools and technology.

She was a development team member at the start of the e-pubs industry in the mid-1980s, learning to build documents with SGML and HTML programming, working with early CMS systems, and managing distributed cross-platform publishing.

Lee began working as a virtual team member connected via the Internet in 1993. Her office and studio utilize a private high-speed network and wifi technology.


All the components on this site, from the underlying code (HTML, CSS) to the creative content (writing, graphics, projects) are recent samples of Lee's expertise。

Her and brief resume, along with recommendations from colleagues, clients, and peers are available at LinkedIn.


Lee works primarily on Windows platform machines running a wide variety of applications including the full Adobe Creative suite. She designs graphics for print and electronic media using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

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poster design, new age coffeehouse

Event Poster Design

rock hall of fame cleveland poster

Travel Poster Design
logo design, ebb and flow artisan jewelry
Logo Design, Jewelry Artist
logo, label design
Package Label
image factory graphics logo design
Branding Logo, Design Studio
banner sign
Florist Shop, Outdoor Banner
Article illustration
Feature Article Illustration

womens expo logotype

Event Branding

Pinterest marketing image

Pinterest Marketing Image - Custom "Pinnable" Graphic

graphic tee shirt chocolate love  design

Peace Love Chocolate Tee Shirt Design

pirate design imprint graphics dorag skull and bones

'Do Rag Pirate Theme Imprints
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